๐ŸคผOutbound: Prospect e-commerce players using Store Leads and BuiltWith


Targeting e-commerce businesses and need to identify those using Shopify, WooCommerce Checkout, or Magento?

We've spotted a popular template in the Cargo community and decided to share it.

Challenge: Sometimes, Store Leads might not locate the account. We'll show you how to use Cargo's HTTP connector to query the BuiltWith API for this case.

Setting up your data source

Start with a webhook or a dataset in Cargo - your call. Just ensure your dataset includes a column with the company domain.

Make a call to Store Leads

Select a Store Leads node from the catalog in your Cargo workflow, map the value of the domain to be passed, and you're set.

Set a back up with Builtwith

For the records that Store Leads fails to enrich, you can make an API call to BuiltWith to retrieve the tech stack used by that company, like in the illustration below.

Here's the little JS snippet we used to flatten all the names of the technologies returned by BuiltWith into a single string

{{nodes.bw_call.Results.flatMap(r => r.Result.Paths.flatMap(p => p.Technologies.map(t => t.Name))).join(', ');}}

Route the leads that meet the criteria to your CRM

We used another little script to parse through the string generated above to check if any of the interesting names popped up in their tech stack

{{nodes.builtwith_output.technologies.split(', ').some(name => ['Shopify', 'WooCommerce Checkout', 'Magento'].includes(name)) ? 'YES' : 'NO'; }}

Once this is done, you can use a branch to set some rules on which results from either Storeleads or Builtwith pass the bar and should be retained in your CRM.

In the illustration below we're keeping the ones that returned a yes above

There you go, sit back and talk to your new prospects.

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