๐Ÿš€Triggering a workflow

Test your workflow before deploying it

Choose a test sample by clicking on the start icon and then Change test sample. You can apply filters until you get to the record that is suitable for your workflow

Play workflow using the chosen test sample:

Automatically enrol records from your segment upon changes

Before deploying, choose the right enrolment conditions so that the workflow triggers for the right kind of records.

Change kinds

  • Added: Trigger on records that have been freshly added to the segment

  • Updated: Trigger on records that have one of their attributes updated

  • Removed: Trigger on records that have been removed from the segment

Run creation rule

  • Always enroll: Always triggers on records from the segment even if it has already been treated

  • Enroll once: Skip records from the segment if it has already been treated

  • If is not currently enrolled: Skip records if they are currently in the process of being treated by the workflow

Deploy, name and enable your workflow to enable it to automatically enrol records when the segment changes

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