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PLS: Personalise your first touchpoint for a Typeform signup

When a lead expresses interest on your Typeform, you want to draft a personalised first touchpoint in order to make sure you close them.
Within the Cargo community, we've seen our users build tons of AI recipes, here is one we thought was pretty neat. Let's set you up to leverage Alfie's AI recipe to nail that first touchpoint.

Setup your incoming data

Generating a personalised touchpoint assumes that you've collected some amount of data on the incoming lead, what brought them to your form and how to get back to them.
Here's the fields we recommend you capture before you go further.
  • Company Email: You'll need this to get back to them. Ideally, block non-company emails
  • Company Size (optional): You may want to filter out non-ICP leads
  • Role (optional): You may want to filter out non-decision making users
  • Linkedin Profile Url (optional): Helpful to add personal context
  • Company website (optional): Helpful to add company context (or you can extrac th domain from the email above, if professional email)
  • Reason For Interest: Open field, lets you capture freely what pain brought the lead to your form
  • Feature Of Interest: A dropdown with a concise list of 4-5 key value propositions that most of our leads would fall into. Make sure to leave a catch-all term (e.g. spend management solution) as well as an 'other'.

Associate a list of benefits for each potential feature of interest

For each type of response on Feature Of Interest you can associate with three bullet points each on the Benefits Associated.
It's pretty simple, you can generate a simple list of combinations, on a separate tab like so:
One that's done, you can use a simple formula like this to generate the right values for the Benefits Associated column in Feuille 1
// Adapt to suit your cell references
=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(E2, 'Feuille 2'!A:B, 2, FALSE), "Not Found")

Run the Intro email AI recipe

Scroll through the library in your Cargo add-on to locate this recipe. You then need to fill out a few parameter values to make sure the output matches what you're looking for. Here's some suggestions:
Key Benefits: Use the output we generated above from your BenefitsAssociated column
Pains: Reference the Reason For Interest column we created above
Solution: Reference the Feature Of Interest we created above
Person Context: Reference the Linkedin URL column above
Company Context: Reference the Company website column above

Sit back and let GPT do the work

Just make sure you push this to your outreach tool (feature coming soon on