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Outbound: Company headcount intent strategy with Captain Data


This signal allows you to define a growth rate that makes a company a good candidate.
For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with 100 to 200 full-time employees (FTEs), a 20% growth in their workforce over the last six months is a big deal.
The trouble is that such data will often be found on Linkedin, which is famously bad at opening up its databases through an API. Which is why it helps to use specialist providers like Captain data to automate this process.

Setting up your Captain Data dataset

Before you do that you need to setup your Captain Data workflow and your Linkedin Sales Navigator search to feed it.
Step 1: Setup a filter for employee growth on your Linkedin Sales Navigator
Setup a filter for headcount growth
Step 2: Define the two-part enrichment logic in your Captain Data
  • Search Sales Navigator Companies: Pass the link of the query you created above
  • Extract Linkedin Company Profile: Find the stakeholders that would be worth reaching out to capitalise on this signal.
Step 3: Create a dataset and segment with the results of the Captain Data workflow inside Cargo
  • Create a dataset referring to the Captain Data workflow we created above
  • Create a new segment based on this dataset
The following part will show you how to configure a Cargo workflow on top of this segment.

Set up your Cargo workflow

Step 1: Filter out any existing accounts in your CRM
You might want to make sure you're don't to reach out to existing accounts in your CRM (or maybe you do?).
If you want to do this inside Cargo, a simple way is to setup a a search node with Salesforce (in this case) if the return results an empty array, the workflow can proceed - otherwise stop.
Step 2: Execute the Captain Data nodes inside Cargo
Cargo is natively connected to the Captain Data API. This means that you can trigger workflows in Captain Data inside and recover their outputs once the execution completes.
Setup a captain data write and read nodes respectively

Loop through each stakeholder and email them

Once you have the good list of stakeholders to reach out, you want your workflow to loop through each of them and send them an email linked to the intent signal of employee growth
  • Set up a group node inside Cargo This permits you to accept the elements of an array (in this case, the output of captain data)
  • Find emails with Apollo
  • Verify emails with Neverbounce
  • Push to a Salesloft cadence
There you go, now you're set.