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Segment change triggers

Segments aren't just static groups; they're continuously evolving based on the underlying data.
Navigate to the 'Changes' view on your segment to observe the additions, updates, and removals from the Segment:
Here's what those three indicators means:

New Record Additions:

Whenever a new record that meets the criteria of your segment is added to the dataset or entity, the segment updates to include this record. For instance, if you have a segment for "New Users," it will automatically include users who've just signed up.

Property Updates of Records:

Sometimes, existing records undergo changes that might move them in or out of a segment. For example, if you have a segment tracking "Active Users," and a user goes from being inactive to active, they'll now be included in this segment. Conversely, if they become inactive, they'll be removed.

Record Removals:

If a record that was previously part of a segment gets deleted from the dataset or entity, the segment updates to exclude this record. This ensures that your segments remain relevant and don't include phantom or obsolete data.
Note: See here for a tutorial on how to trigger your workflows in Cargo as a function of these changes