๐Ÿค–Write AI prompts

In Cargo, AI is everywhere, from classification, to insights summarization, to AI written emails - the only limit is your creativity.


To use AI in Cargo, you need to have an OpenAI API key.

  1. Log in to your OpenAI account

  2. Click on your account and on 'View API keys'

  3. Create your new secret key and copy it

  4. Back on Cargo, go on settings and paste your API key in the 'OPEN AI' section

  5. Save your settings

How to set it up:

You can use AI in a workflow each time you have an input field (so you can use AI in a variable node a branch node, switch node, filter node and so on).

You can then use it for a range of dedicated actions including (but not limited to):

Insights summarisation: Create actionable sales notes to your sales rep to let them engage meaningful conversation with prospects

Icebreaker: Create personalized hook for each of your prospects based on 1rst & third party data

Personalised email: Write personalised sales emails at scale and push them in a custom attribute in your outreach tool

Categorisation: Determine in which function the person belongs to based on a job title. This can be done also to categorise job title by seniority or to analyse sentiment of replies.

Record , nodes and metadata are reserved words and cannot be used as variables

Build your own prompt or use a recipe:

For each AI action in Cargo, you have the ability to write your own prompt or to use the templates made by the Cargo Community

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