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Load your datasets

Once you have a store of record to work with, you want to use it to unify datasets that are useful to you
For Go-To-Market (GTM) functions, you don’t want fragmented data about prospects, customers, and their behaviours scattered across various tools to create bottleneck in creating workflows
With Cargo's native integrations for popular GTM tools, you can effortlessly merge this data, building a comprehensive data repository right within your Cargo workspace

Add a connector:

The process setting up all the connectors in our catalog is mostly identical for each
  • Step 1: Go to 'Connectors' in the left-hand tab
  • Step 2: Choose a connector from our Catalog
Choose a connector from the catalog
  • Step 3 - Option 1: Authenticate using API key
  • Step 3 - Option 2: Authenticate using OAuth
  • Step 4: You should have a dataset populated in the left column now. Make sure you configure it to begin using it. Edit the data loader and preview the results
  • Step 5: Don't forget to resync to refresh the incoming data

Connector setup completed 🎉

It's time to build an entity on top
Go go go 🏎️